Matisee and Amiee Set of 2

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Dry Clean only

Handcrafted face masks in our Matisse inspired print made in handwoven khadi and handwoven yellow chanderi.

Upcycled from our favorite textiles, lined with 100% cotton with pleat detail and long tie-ups to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum coverage. These face protectors are  Washable, Useable, and Breathable all in one. It's an ideal choice to reduce viral transmission and provide protection against the bacteria.

YOU BUY ONE, WE GIVE ONE. For every mask purchased we donate a mask to the people who need it the most during these trying times.

Washing instructions - Hand wash separately in mild detergent.

Please note this product is not medical grade and does not possess any antibacterial or antiviral properties. The aim is to provide a barrier to reduce the commute of the virus.
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