Awaken that Inner Wild Child by Rene Verma (Little Black Book)

We discovered Little Things by Ankita Srivastava at one of the fleas we recently attended, and everything on the hangers reminded us of an idyllic childhood—bicycle rides, pencil colours and rickety merry-go-rounds.

We wondered why it’s called Little Things and why it reminded us of candy floss; well, because Ankita wants her line of crop tops, dresses, skirts and pants, reminding you of the happiness that often lies in the “little things” in life. Sweet, right?

Ever felt like catching butterflies in the wilderness but found yourself chasing sales targets instead? Congrats! You’re a boring adult now.

But trust us, it’s never too late to undo this, umm, boring business. In fact, that’s exactly what Little Things’ clothes are urging you to do; spin stories, be mad and believe in unicorns. Their latest collection, called the Wild West, has cacti, foliage, flowers and ferns, and is an attempt at getting you to love your imperfections.

…And Go Run Free

The outfits are the wardrobe equivalent of a demure cupcake. If you go expecting a flamboyant three-tiered wedding cake, be prepared to turn back disappointed. If you ask us, though, it’s the easy going, cutesy-casual vibe of the dresses that’s got a piece of our heart.

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