Our Ethos

The ethos of our brand lies in bringing comfort, luxury and sustainability to our consumers. In a world where everyone is rushing to ‘have it all’ we stick to our less is more philosophy and believe that bringing joy and smile on the face of our consumers is what we aim to achieve. We believe in co-creating together with similar minds while spreading positive vibes showing the strength of uplifting each other in today's time. Eventually it's those little things in life that really matters.

Design Sensibility

The Little Things Studio essentials - the perfectly tailored suits, playful saree-blouse combos, and the romantic dresses are infused with personal touches through unique prints making them ‘one of a kind’ pieces.

Her designs are inspired by the culture she grew up in, interpreted using global glasses.


India born designer Ankita has always been surrounded by colours in all tints and shades. Consequently most of our pieces are doused in colors and prints, while others are basics with beiges and blacks. Every collection has its own pinch of pop bringing a different flavor to each of them.

One silhouette suits all

We strongly believe in being an inclusive and body positive brand. One of the steps we take in that direction is by making silhouettes that flatter every body type.

We also offer sizes till 4XL and the option to get a custom size constructed just for you!

Indian Roots

We have always intended on joining hands with our Indian roots, and being in direct touch with the artisans, through hand woven and hand printed textiles, which are further constructed into our luxurious staples, making everything affordable to the conscious consumer.

Customarily, we have been using fabrics like pure handloom cotton, cotton silk, Mashru, Cupro (vegan silk), organic cotton, silk chanderi, and with our upcoming collection, we will be introducing orange fiber fabric to our fabric family.


Quality of the product is of utmost importance to us, in the quest to make durable and heritage pieces for the community. In order to create our products ethically,and quality high, we choose our materials responsibly to make sure our ideology to make fashion sustainable is left intact.

Sustainability has been a part of our brand since its inception. Crafting minimalistic designs that are made to last, we have been practising value propositions forever, which couldn’t be more apt for today’s environment.


As an attempt to further our conscious practices and minimise the impact, we made the decision to interact with our customers only through an online platform. Each beautiful piece is crafted at our atelier in Shahpur Jat, Delhi and shipped throughout the world.