The title needs no explanation, does it? As much as I can remember, I have always hated how colourless winters become, thanks to people choosing to wear only shades of black during the season. I mean what is that? I only did that when I was going through my infamous emo phase. But no, what is that really?

I have two reasons to still exploit my summer clothes for winter:

  1. I am cheap af.
  2. I like them colours.


One leads to another. I do know that there are colourful winter clothing available but I won’t buy it because winter clothing is so expensive. So it only looks like a good option to keep styling your summer wardrobe with your winter staples. I love doing that. Of course I do indulge myself in the fun leather jackets, fur coats and fuzzy caps, but my summer clothes always act as my foundation.

Brand in focus: Little Things by Ankita Srivastava

Like all my other stories, I came across the brand over Instagram (Instagram is life! Duh.) and the collection full of pretty prints and pastels made me reach out to Ankita. Winter was on its way and so we decided to give it all a twist and do a ‘summer clothes for winter’ story which we both absolutely relate to. The collection is definitely going to make you drool so keep that tissue in handy! (Or your sleeve would do too.)

Look 01.

For the first look I picked up this beautifully printed white maxi dress and paired it with a denim dress on top. I absolutely love denim for winter, it’s strong and sturdy and provides great protection. (Just like the man of my dreams.) Boots couldn’t be avoided and I also jazzed up a little with these cute cactus earrings from The Red Box.




Look 02.

This mesh dress is goals. I loved the colours here and went ahead styling it with a camisole and pair of shorts on the inside and a snug velvet shrug on the outside. Topped it off with a pair of white socks and high top boots.

Now, when I shot this look it wasn’t as cool in the capital. But you could also wear a pair of tights  to keep warm.




Look 03.

This one has to be my favourite, yes! This is the co-ord set that forced me to contact Ankita just because of how pretty it is. The delicate peplum top and a pair of flared pants on the bottom, what’s not to like! I wore them with a turtle neck in a similar colour which created a wonderful monochromatic look.




Look 04.

Tie up dresses are such a fresh trend in the market so I had to pick this one. Just like the others, the print here is amazing too. I took out my favourite leather jacket for this one and finished with my tie up boots. Isn’t this the perfect New Year’s Eve look? Definitely works for me.





Look 05.

Here is another co-ord set that I can cherish for life. The colour itself is enough to make my day. I styled this one with a black denim shirt on the outside, tucked in the skirt. Beanies have to be my ‘thing’ for winters. I think I have about 12 of them. Not a huge number but enough for my friends to make fun of me. So I went with a classic black beanie and my Chuck Taylors for shoes.





Which one was your favourite look? Still thinking of packing away your summer wardrobe?

Photography was by the very talented Aditya of  Adityaries.

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